New Beginnings

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Insanely touring Macau. Stopping at every exit point ever. #Besttourever!
Making life hard for the China immigration officers.

Dr Duardo @ San Deng hospital with Siu Hing.
#Because I’m a psycho bitch #Shotsshotsshotsshotsshots #Likeliterally #Whatwhatinthebutt

HighT with Tony, Giang Qing and her Aunt.
Tiramisu + Coffee(was it Cappuccino? Tell me it was Cappuccino) +Mak Ka Yau @Macau Coffee
*Giang Qing to be taking lawyer bar exam
*Works in Shenzhen golf course
*Suggests I work at law firm as assistant, learn some legal information, protect myself from dipshits
Maggie Pun joined after, studying at CityU.
More food at HuaXi Niu Rou Mian.
Loi Loi
Darts @ Hak Sa Wan

Morning go to Ka Mou swimming pool. Forgot swimming cap.
Went to Sam Po Miu after asking a cop for directions (and NOT getting threatened with handcuffs/roughed up). (That’s how we do in Macau, China.) #Donttazormebro
Walk through Venetian all the way to Cotai, cuz I can and know how to. (Applaud)
6:00pm Ho Dong Chinese and Portuguese school.
Macau Team second round of selection.
Passed the ball around like a boss, 1,2.
Tap Sec stadium to watch Fukien vs YaoQing
Guess who’s there?
My ex boss.
#MrGenius #16yearoldgrade7er #Newteamname #TeamGrade7ers #Yougoboy #Yourenotaretardbycontrast #Yourearetardallonyourown #ItsALLyoubaby #Icantkeepupwithyou #TrustmeIvetried
#5leimaBgohgoi #Seksila #Translation:eatshitla #Diulei #Fuckyou #Leilougeiah? #Youhowoldmanyah?


編曲:Gary Tong
監製:Alvin Leong

人人都講 即管相愛只要愛 永不怕難題
為何今天 終於跟你全力在維繫
既未變心 亦無越軌應廝守半世
何以事變 不依最初設計

同床的 所相信的不似你像 兩股風勢
憑情感 可不可以將信仰 融合於一體
只要認錯 犯錯不是問題 誰這樣說的未明瞭實際

我永遠愛你但我未能 投降 讓步 答允
我永遠愛你亦不可以 放棄思想 去贊同你見解
胸襟 試過無數犧牲
很少糾紛夠豁達容納兩人 有雙冠軍

傳來新聞 出兵開戰得你說 會解困扶危
全球升溫 傷不到你 談論亦無謂
聽著這種口吻 如何扮附和同意
就算極愛 不可強忍到底

明明知斗膽脫口反駁你 逐句都統計
猶如將夭心夭肺的芥蒂 培殖於心底
今次讓你 又有幾樣後遺
曾試著了解 十年全白費

我永遠愛你但我未能 投降 讓步 答允
我永遠愛你但這一對好勝的心 永遠無法制止 相爭 叫愛情太傷感
Wo 很多東西 那價值難被愛人 澈底軟禁

我永遠愛你但我未能 投降 讓步 答允
我永遠愛你亦不可以 放棄思想 去贊同你見解
胸襟 試過無數犧牲
Wo 很少糾紛有勝負能讓我們 有雙冠軍

Nomsies. Shanghai rice cake in hot soup w/ vegetables.


Well, well, well.
So guess who else wants a piece o’ me.
Macau team wants me.
Miss Hong Kong wants me. (Blows finger tips, left and right)
Canada wants me. #Veryliterally (Canada: Baby come back to me! Me: Fuck off loser! #Kelvin you’re such a desease) (I’m sure it’s a positive thing.)

11/06/2015 Thursday
Morning 9ish am
Hop on Hong Kong ferry via Taipa Ferry head to HKG!!
Wan Chai immigration get my HKID replacement. #Whoops #Accident,honey
Hogging the Causeway Bay library. #Trespassing
JiuPaiMin@Nam Kei $21

Somehow end up taking the bus to Mong Kok, get off at Hung Hom, get back on MTR head to Tseung Kwan O. Get off at Hong Sing MTR A exit. Called Winnie Sze. #Paparazziinmyface #Imthegingerbreadman #Dressedterroristfriendly #Gasmaskcomingup
Met so many beauties from around the world. All Asians of course. #Whew #Stresslevelslowered #Imactuallynotgay #Shock #Sorrytodisappoint
Meeting with press for around 30 seconds. Claimed to be named Elsa cause I’m a big fat liar. (*Cough, I mean I’m a considerate Saint petrified that people can’t pronounce Liesl.) They were nice enough. Asked my age, occupation. Didn’t give me a hard time. #Next!
Bikini shots. #Lovinghimwasred #Red #CommunistChina #Waitwhat #Ilovemycountry #Leaveusalone #Nowgoawaynow
Self introduction to TVB staff. #Hawkward #Imjustaregularjoe #Pleasepickme #Idontwannagotojail
Left with Tianna Law, she’s a nurse at Yeung Wo Hospital.
More Causeway Bay Library
McD’s Big Mac $26

Getting my papers at McDonalds. #Workforthemonster #Youknowyouluvinit
Taipa Library open new wordpress.
MOP $25.9 (USD $3.oo) 3 course Lunch Box at ParknShop like a boss. Spear ribs and potatoes, yu xiang qe zi, green leaf veggies. #Somuchwinning
Take 22, get off at Gao Yuk Kei. Did I just get yelled at by the woman next to me. Uh, okay.
#Ihavetopickupmyshit #Youfreak
Pick up ma shit at Lily.
McD’s for caramel icecream.
Wun Dat bookstore.
Macau ID to get Macau Passport. #Automaticmyass
Tap Sec Library open wordpress

*Somewhere along the way.
Crash Panda’s workplace at Dairy Queen. Forget to take selfie, which is a mustie.
Send emails to Steve Wynn and FB message Mark Zuckerberg. Now why would I do that?
Meet up with Laoshi Wushu from NYSM2 at Nam Van lake


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